Saturday, August 17, 2013

Summer on the Island

The kids and I took a weekend trip to visit David & Tannis at their semi-new house on Whidby Island.  They moved in a few years ago, but we've just never had the chance to go visit until now.  The house is beautiful, they have really done a lot of work to it and it looks great!  Life on the island suits them both well!

The kids had a wonderful weekend!  They got to go on their first ferry ride!  We also enjoyed the annual Loganberry Festival just a few miles down the road from "The Oar House", as Davy calls it!

Enjoy the photos!

It was WINDY on the ferry!

Emily and Lucy checking out the "dog room" and the comfy dog beds!

Emily got picked up at the Loganberry Festival!

Tractor riding!

A bit of soccer in the back yard with Uncle David and Auntie Tannis.

Emily posing in the back yard.  
You can see a bit of the barn that Davy built in the background.  It was the old horse barn that Tannis grew up with, they dismantled it, moved it and are rebuilding it.  The barn is done, but they are still working on the stables.

 I know I had more photos of Bradley from the weekend, but their not moving over from the phone to the computer.. have to figure out this new phone!  Haha!

I do wish that I had taken more photos of the house and property, but, I'll have to remember that for the next visit.

July 2013

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